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Recognizing Accomplishments

As we head into the New Year, an unsung opportunity to start fresh, realign visions, create intentions, and reflect, I want you to try something that may not always come naturally. So often we get caught up in negative self-talk, and we focus on all the missed opportunities or ways we failed at achieving what we set out to accomplish.

 When you look back at 2017, do so with positive reflection.

 What goals did you set out to accomplish?

 What steps did you take in achieving your intentions?

 Who did you meet, and how did they positively affect your life?

 Did you network more than the year before?

 How about this, did you put yourself out of your comfort zone?

 If you answered yes to the questions above, then you deserve praise. Give yourself recognition! A positive mindset opens your eyes to seeing the goodness in life. Setting goals is the first step towards achieving them. Making an intention puts that idea out to God and The Universe. People come into our lives when we need to learn something new. They are our teachers on our journey.

 Networking is a skill that some naturally posses. Others have to step far from their comfort zone. Opening up with new people, making small talk meaningful, and connecting can be scary. Think of those you met this past year. How did they help further your goals? What deep connections did you make?

 As you venture further in 2018, start each morning with a positive thought. Allow yourself to recognize each accomplishment. Proudly share with your supporters. Good things will come to you. Allow yourself to let the goodness in.