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Unplug to Power Up

I hope you were able to read the blog regarding self-care for humanitarians. What resonated? Many tips were provided, but little addressed removing the cause of self-depletion. Ask your heart, why am I weary? Is there too much on your plate? What does your schedule require? Who are you committed to? What boundaries do you need to (re)assert?

Now imagine you could turn off your cell phone, shut down your computer, pause your calendar, and simply unplug. What would you have energy and time for? Could you take a walk out in nature, breathe deeply, or meditate? You have but one life, and you deserve to live it to your fullest.

I would like to challenge you. Are you ready? Find a journal, one that feels soft, or has a beautiful cover. Get a pencil or pen that feels perfect in your hand. Sit amongst a weeping willow tree, a pond, or take a rejuvenating hike.

Next, find a place to sit. Take a breath, hold it in for a few seconds, and then exhale slowly. Allow your eyes to close, and breathe with the wind. What thoughts can you silence? Pick up your writing utensil and draw or write. Relinquish thoughts of bills or things that make your heart race. How much calmer do you feel?

The next time you’re driving, let your cell phone stay in your purse. When it rings, allow it to go to voicemail. You do not need to be the person who answers every text, or who appears to be talking to yourself as you drive. Focus on one area at a time. Instead of writing a simple text, jot your thoughts down in a letter. Come back to yourself. Remind yourself who and what matters. Give those areas your time and love. Bring your power back and simply unplug.T